Market Force Information Browser Security Check

Market Force Information takes the protection of your data seriously.

Effective 1st of December 2016, we will be modifying our websites. In order to improve the level of our security standards, we will be disabling what is known as the “TLS 1.0 encryption protocol”.

This page will check whether your browser meets the requirements for secure communications with Market Force Information, and that service will not be interrupted once this change is made.

Please wait, your browser is being tested...
Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Market Force Information.
Congratulations! No changes are required to continue to use Market Force Information applications.

Your browser has failed this test... what now?


Market Force Information offers this guidance as a courtesy and based on industry specific practices. If applicable, please consult with your IT department before making any changes. We do not accept any responsibility for any issues this may cause in your particular computing environment.

If your browser version is listed below:

Internet Explorer: Desktop and mobile 8, 9, 10 AND using Windows 7
Firefox: Firefox 23 to 26
Google Chrome: Google Chrome 22 to 37: compatible when running Windows XP SP3, Vista, or newer (desktop); OSX 10.6 or newer (desktop); Android Gingerbread (2.3) or newer (mobile)
Please ensure that you enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

Alternatively, if your browser version is listed below:

Internet Explorer: Desktop and mobile 7.0 and below
Firefox: Firefox 22 and below
Google Chrome: Google Chrome 21 and below
Google Android: Android 4.3 and below
Apple Desktop Safari: Desktop Safari ver 6 and below for OSX 10.8 and below
Apple Mobile Safari: iOS 4 and below
You will need to upgrade to a compatible browser version to continue accessing Market Force Information websites. If you are seeing this error, and your browser is not listed you will need to install a compatible browser. Note, depending on your operating system, these instructions may not be the same for everyone.
If you need help on how to determine your browser version, please follow this link to a third party website: